Carl Camera

Vine Type Beta 0.96

Vine Type, with the tag line Content Management with Standards in Mind was released in Beta to the general public this morning. I've spent a lot of time creating a flexible, customizable, and language-neutral solution -- and it's my hope that it will be well received.

I'm happy to provide an alternative blog/CMS engine to the Microsoft internet server community. Vine Type has been running this site for several months and I've incorporated many popular and useful features. I hope you're able to test it out and provide feedback on it.


Wow. this is a great CMS. exactly what i have been looking for. a simple CMS that does not need a database. and its standards compliant as a bonus too. (something not very common in the CMS world).

I am still testing but so far great job. Had some issues with the comments not appearing with the default template, but otherwise simple to install. And why does the vinetype directory have to be placed alongside (at the same level as) the virtual directory root? This can be an issue for people on shared hosting who are only given virtual folders. Can it not be placed in the same folder?

Also have you thought about using web.sitemap for the navigation? i saw a nice little script from a company called gigaframe that lets you make navigations / sitemaps

Its needs quite a bit of work but would be nicer for the naviagtion creation. maybe. (i'm thinking more of how corporate users might find it). I am also asking because i would like produce a sitemap (or list of all the pages in the site) in an UL. Can this be done with Vine?

Michael 21 Nov 2005

Hi, I am trying to run Vinetype and I , too, do not see anywhere to add comments. Am I missing something?

Also, there is no contact information on the Vine Type website. That would be much more heplful.

y0mbo 24 Nov 2005

Hello. Thank you both for your comments. I have launched a Vine Type Community Site where folks can provide feedback, comments, report problems. I'll address the no-comments situation on the community site.

Carl Camera 24 Nov 2005

Michael and y0mbo -- workaround posted at the Vine Type community site. The default.html file is missing two lines.

Carl Camera 24 Nov 2005