Carl Camera

Site Map Details

I've added a site map to my blog via the Vine Type $_site_map variable. This is different from the $_nav_map variable in that it lists and links individual articles.

This could still be used for CSS Flyout navigation for a blog site, because blogs tend to have more than one article per section.

For brochure-type sites, however, where there is only one article per section, then the $_nav_map is more applicable.

Note that no articles appear in the home section of the site map yet articles do appear on my home page. This is because no article is associated with the home section - and that the home section has a template that lists $_recent articles.

The site map itself is associated with a sitemap template that doesn't show articles, only shows the site map.

Be careful and don't make the mistake I made initially -- I created the sitemap template and stripped away the content administration variable. If that had remained, I could associate articles to a section that I couldn't change! Did you ever programmatically paint yourself into a corner?