Carl Camera

In the Spotlight Again

Fresh off the attention I received for my Vine Type website, Microsoft now spotlights ... me. (smile)

Community Spotlight Interview

Lori Dirks from the Microsoft Expression Team interviewed me for a new feature called Community Spotlight. I described the challenges I faced in switching from Photoshop to Expression Studio and shared my opinion concerning some general web design topics.

All my interaction with the Microsoft Expression team has been great. These folks are passionate about their product suite and supporting web standards. Expression Studio continues to impress me with its capabilities and ease of use. I was happy to provide feedback for this article, and I am grateful to the Expression Team for the opportunity to share my thoughts to such a wide audience. Thank You, Microsoft!

If you'd like to comment on the interview, feel free to add your thoughts below.


Carl, great work!

The Expression suite is one of the few things that still excite me about Microsoft.

Milan Negovan 21 Aug 2008

Thanks, Milan. Microsoft seems to be getting better at these web standards.

Carl Camera 22 Aug 2008