Carl Camera

This Site Crashes Newsgator Too

In my ongoing saga of switching to application/xhtml+xml MIME type, I've found another victim: Newsgator (site defunct).

The multitudes of folks checking my site via Newsgator (...whomever that person is; there are a total of two Newsgator subscribers to Iamacamera, and I'm the other...) haven't recieved a site update since I published my Now Serving application/xhtml+xml article.

Error 500, of course, is a generic server error, and there are sub-codes that can assist me in determining the problem. Based on a Microsoft Knowledgebase entry, I adjusted my log file to include HTTP error subcodes. Lo and behold, W3C and Newgator are generating error 500 with sub-code 0.

Zero, of course, is the generic sub-code error-code, so that eliminates certain possibilities but doesn't point definitively to anything in particular.


On my site, the W3C validator gets application/xhtml+xml, but NewsGator gets text/html.

Since you use named entities on your pages, I am not at all surprised that various XML user-agents choke and spit when they receive your pages as application/xhtml+xml.

I am 99% confident that I have expunged all instances of unsafe named entities from my pages, but I still only send application/xhtml+xml to those UAs that I know support XHTML+MathML.

Call me a worry-wort.

Jacques Distler 10 Nov 2005