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Introducing Peg Daily

Peg Daily

Peg Daily is a fun and challenging peg solitaire board game that you can play online. It offers a daily challenge for visitors who strive to beat the board each day and emerge victorious. Based on an ancient game, Peg Daily updates the traditional peg solitaire game by offering it online and bringing a new and unique peg solitaire game challenge each day. 

The Game Board

The board consists of twenty-five peg locations arranged in a five-by-five grid. Twelve of the locations are filled with pegs. Eleven locations begin game play empty. Two locations are null and cannot be filled by a peg during play.

the first peg daily peg solitaire game board

Game Play

The goal of the game is to eliminate all but one peg. A valid move in Peg Daily is to have one peg "jump" another peg and land in an open, that is empty location. Once the jump is complete, the peg which was jumped over is removed from the game board. This move results in one fewer pegs on the game board. Since we begin with twelve pegs, the goal of the game is to play eleven moves to eliminate eleven pegs and have a single peg remaining of the game board.

If during play no valid moves are possible and more than one peg remains on the peg solitaire game board, the player has lost the game. Peg Daily offers the ability to undo moves all the way back to the start of the game or with one click, the player can reset the game board to begin afresh. You can keep playing the daily puzzle challenge for as many times as you wish.


When a single peg remains on the board, the game player has defeated the challenge and is victorious over that day's challenge. He is rewarded with a trophy icon next to the game number and has earned the satisfaction and glory of defeating that day's Peg Daily peg solitaire game challenge.


Peg Daily is based on an ancient peg solitaire game that dates back centuries to French King Louis XIV. There's an entire Wikipedia page devoted to peg solitaire that explains the origins and variations of what has evolved into Peg Daily.