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How To Play Peg Daily

Peg Daily is the new online peg solitaire game found at It's easy to play and suitable for all ages. If you want to play Peg Daily, it's important to know the rules and mechanics of the game.

Finding a Game

It's easy to find the current Peg Daily solitaire game. You just need to visit Any modern internet browser is capable of supporting the features and game play. Mobile browsers on phones and tablets, too, are all you need to play Peg Daily. In fact, Peg Daily is designed primarily for phone and tablets.

Game Setup

When you first load Peg Daily, you'll be presented with a game board. The game board consists of a five-by-five grid of peg positions. All but two positions allow peg placement. You can recognize the two locations that don't allow peg placement by noting that there is no circle drawn in those spots. Darker circular areas are peg positions that are empty. Lighter circular areas are peg positions that are filled. I'll refer to those spots as pegs.

Making Your Move

To make a move in the Peg Daily solitaire game, you must first find two pegs next to each other. These pegs can be adjacent horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Now look to see if there is an empty spot aligned with the two pegs. If not, look for another set of two adjacent pegs. Once you find two pegs and an empty spot aligned, you make your play by jumping one peg over the other and into the empty spot.


How do you jump pegs? If on a phone, press down on the jumping peg and drag it over to the empty spot and release. If on a desktop computer or if using a mouse, left click and press down on the jumping peg and, keeping the mouse button depressed, drag the peg over to the empty peg. The Peg Daily solitaire game offers hints about where valid peg jumps can occur. Once you press down on a jumping peg, all valid end placement positions are highlighted. Then, when Peg Daily senses that you have dragged the peg over one of those valid spots, it will further highlight that end location, indicating that releasing the peg will drop it into that empty spot.

Result of a Peg Jump

After releasing your finger if on a phone, or mouse button if on a computer, the peg that was jumped over disappears from the game board with an expanding smoke-ring-like animation. The animation draws attention to the location of the peg that was removed from the board. Below the game board, the progress bar fills up a bit on the left-hand side.

Continue to Play

As you jump additional pegs and eliminate more pegs from the game board, the progress bar continues to fill up, indicating that you are closer to defeating that Peg Daily peg solitaire game board.

Getting Stuck

Sometimes there are no valid moves possible, but more than one peg remains on the game board. When this happens, the game has won that round, but you have options to help you get back on track to victory. Below the Peg Daily peg solitaire game board are two buttons, one labelled Undo and one labelled Restart. Tap or click Undo to reverse the most recent peg jump you played. You can undo additional moves by tapping or clicking on Undo again. To reset the game board to its starting configuration, tap or click the Restart button.

Winning the Game

To win the game, you must jump pegs until there is only one peg left on the game board. When this is accomplished, you've won that day's challenge and a little trophy icon appears next to that day's game number.

Sharing the Fun

After you have defeated Peg Daily, you can brag about it to your friends and family by sending them an image of your victorious game board. To do this, tap or click on the Share button, then tap or click on the Copy image to clipboard button. A confirmation message will appear for a moment and then you can paste the image into a text or into your favorite social network post.


Playing Peg Daily is a fun way to challenge your mind and keep your senses sharp. It's easy to pick up and hard to master, so you should visit Peg Daily often for additional challenges. Peg Daily peg solitaire game can be played by children as young as 10, or as young as 110. Use the information you learned here to play Peg Daily with confidence each day.