Carl Camera

Microsoft Spotlights Vine Type

It's been said that nothing breeds success like success. That appears to be the case for me right now. The folks at the Microsoft  Expression Studio website have taken a liking to my Vine Type redesign and are currently featuring it in their Expression Studio Gallery.

What caught their attention, of course, was the fact that no Adobe products were used in the making of the Vine Type website. In the Vine Type write-up, they refer to the site's success on CommandShift3 as "award-winning." I wouldn't characterize the success in quite the same terms, and any success at an anonymously-based community portal must be taken with a grain of salt.

At the Expression Studio Gallery, however, Vine Type sits beside several excellent websites, and being asked to be featured on the site is an honor. The Microsoft folks I've communicated with -- Anna, Lori, and Annie -- have been great to work with, and I would enjoy opportunities to participate even further in building up the Expression Studio Community. Thanks, Microsoft, for the attention and praise.


Congratulations Carl! To do a site without the conventional "staples" of design is a very empowering thing for the community, especially those who are looking to deploy a Microsoft stack (or already have one).

Jakob Heuser 04 Jul 2008

I agree, Jakob. Expression Studio was an experiment for me, but I ended up sticking with it. Perhaps some competition in this area will lead to better products for both products...

Carl 07 Jul 2008