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Robert Nyman

Visiting Robert's Talk is always an experience. While I'm more than likely going to find discussion on internet technologies, I never know what might pop out of the keyboard of Robert Nyman. He's talented. He's thoughtful. He's friendly. He's Swedish. What's not to like?

Perhaps the best thing about Robert's Talk is its high signal-to-noise ratio. When you deal with website design there are discussions about operating systems (emotional topic) , interenet browsers (more emotional) , and Microsoft (even more emotional) . At some sites, these discussions can spiral into shouting matches. Robert's Talk is where folks can discuss issues in a civil manner. Not everyone agrees with each other; it's a place where folks can respectfully agree to disagree.

That's probably why it attracts the best and brightest designers and technologists on the planet. I've learned plenty by being a regular reader of Robert's Talk and it is now officially added to my blog roll.

Robert, if you're in Austin for SxSW, I'll be happy to treat you to lunch at Freebirds World Burrito. You seem like the kind of guy that would get a kick out of wearing a t-shirt that says "Unwrap My Monster."



Thank you! I don't really know what to say; I'm touched and I'm not sure I deserve this. Humbly, I will do my best to keep your interest.

I will be at SxSW, so it would be great to meet you (and no, the free lunch really isn't necessary) !

And yes, I would <em>love</em> a t-shirt like that! :-D

Robert Nyman 07 Nov 2005


It's my pleasure to add you to my blog list -- for the reasons given. The free lunch is a standard offer to everyone on my list.

Now if everyone comes to SxSW then I'll be catering lunch for quite a few folks. Regardless, the value of what I've learned is far greater than a few lunches.

Carl Camera 07 Nov 2005