Carl Camera

Now Where Was I?

Robert was kind enough to tag me for a meme -- along with a few others who don't normally get them. This one asks "Where were you one, five, and ten years ago?"

One Year Ago

Austin, Texas. Not much different than today, a Software Developer at Austin Info Systems, now known as Overwatch working on various products dealing with intelligence gathering and visualization. I had just launched managed by blosxom.

Five Years Ago

Austin, Texas. Lead Software Developer in the notebook computer product division at Dell Computer in Round Rock. I had just completed the launch of the Latitude/Inspiron co-branded box, codenamed Starship/Churchill. Starship became the Inspiron 3800 and Churchill became the Latitude CPxJ.

More precisely, I was on new-daddy leave from Dell for the birth of my youngest son, who just turned five. And by the way, I was informed by my oldest son at the birthday party (he's six and a half) that the moment you blow out your birthday candles is precisely when you change ages. I couldn't argue with the logic behind that, so it stands.

Ten Years Ago

Living in Fremont, California, working at the IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory now known as the Silicon Valley Laboratory in San Jose and working towards my MS in Computer Science at Stanford. At work I was on a cross-divisional team helping to launch IBM's first worldwide internet software support site. My wife was working at Sun Microsystems in Menlo Park.

In addition, I was volunteering to demonstrate OS/2 Warp at the CompUSA in Newark as a part of Team OS/2. I think I still have a couple of OS/2 t-shirts around here somewhere.

Perpetuating the Meme

Finally, I'll pass the torch to Milan Negovan, Eric Shepherd, and Derek Featherstone.


Thanks for sharing, Carl!

Robert Nyman 21 Apr 2006

Thanks for the tag, Carl. I'm glad I checked in and saw it.

Eric Shepherd 21 Apr 2006

No problem Eric. Thanks for playing along.

Carl Camera 21 Apr 2006