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Milan Negovan

Milan's website desires to "promote both ASP.NET and web standards." That's just about sums up my core interests as well. I came across this site less than a week ago, but I can tell that this is one worth watching.

I enjoy this site because Milan's mix of design and development are right in alignment with my own. I enjoy his articles and the tools he shares. The writing style is informative and substantive. embodies the salient aspects of what (just my opinion here...) a personal website should be. My goal for this site is to embody these aspects as well...

  • Inform. Share knowledge and experiences with others
  • Assist. Provide useful tools or applications to assist others
  • Connect. Use technology to humanize; establish relationships with others

Milan's site does this quite well. His articles inform; his internet tools assist; and his blog creates conversations and exchange within the design and development community.

The site also presents a challenge. Milan is up front in stating that ASP.NET and standards haven't gotten along very well, and speaks volumes with this little quip:

I don't know of any blogging engine written for the .NET Framework that produces a standards compliant markup anyway. — Milan Negovan

Using design tips from Milan and others, I hope to help out in this area. Stay tuned.

AspNetResources, therefore, grabs spot number two on my weblog monitor list. Milan, if you're ever in Austin, send an email and I'll treat you to lunch at Hyde Park Grill.


Thank you

Thank you very much for kind words. :) I do hope to come to Austin for SxSW 2006. Never hurts to start planning ahead.

Milan Negovan 01 May 2005