Carl Camera

Hello Blog World Episode II

Welcome to the re-launch of my blog now under the power of Vine Type.

I'm interested in seeing if there's any interest in Yet Another Blog Engine, but with it generating XHTML-valid code on a .NET platform, folks might be willing to give it a try. Especially since it's so easy to test out.

I've tried to pack in the most important blog features, but the primary goal during development has always been standard content management functionality. I like the simplicity of the blog paradigm and I think it can be applied to small-to-medium websites.

There's plenty more that I can add, and I intend on enhancing Vine Type. I look at the features that other blog engines provide and it staggers the imagination.

But I never anticipate being on par with something as feature-rich as Community Server. On the other hand, some of the engines out there are getting bloated. Vine Type eliminates the overhead and hassle of SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc and provides the management system though a couple of XML files. This simplifies the whole system and gets things going quickly.

Vine Type doesn't have install directions (unzip + set permissions on one folder) or a completed users guide yet, but if you'd like to have me email you a zip file to test out, please let me know.