Carl Camera

Vine Type 1.0

Design a Site. Help a Child.

Hi everyone. This is Carl Camera, maker of Vine Type. I'm very happy to release Vine Type 1.0. What is most exciting for me is that I get to announce that half of proceeds from Vine Type Pro will be given to charities that help the children of Guatemala.

A promotional ad: Design a Site. Help a Child. 50% of Vine Type proceeds will benefit the children of Guatemala.

Vine Type is a passion of mine. I'm very happy to provide a content management system built with web standards in mind. As much as I like being a champion of web standards, I'd like even more to be a champion for the children of Guatemala. This tiny country in Central America is still recovering from war and natural disasters. The needs are great and I am looking forward to assisting as I can the children and that nation.

That is why I am more than happy to give 50% of all gross proceeds of Vine Type Pro to charities assisting the children of Guatemala. So by supporting Vine Type, you'll also be supporting those children as well.

Still Free

Vine Type has been, and will remain, a free-for-personal-use product. Along with the release of Vine Type Personal version 1, I am also releasing Vine Type Pro version 1 for commercial use.

Affordable for Commercial Use Too

Now for US$20 you can have Vine Type manage your commercial websites as well. The products are identical except for the addition of support for Google Site Maps in the Pro version.


I'd like to thank the many folks who have downloaded prerelease versions of Vine Type and helped me to improve Vine Type. Keep the emails coming. Keep posting your questions to the forum at AspAdvice. I'll help to the best of my abilities to assist you.

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