Carl Camera

CMS Install Challenge

In the spirit of friendly competition to the other .NET content management systems, I created a screencast showing how fast and easy it is to install Vine Type and launch a Vine Type website.

So today I officially challenge DotNetNuke, DasBlog, and SubText to the .NET CMS installation challenge: Try to beat this -- download to launch in 2:52.

The challenge details are these:

  1. Start with a blank website
  2. Install all prerequisite databases and scripting languages
  3. Install the CMS
  4. Post your first article and log out

Any takers? Anyone? Scott? Phil?


What a great idea! And if everyone takes up the challenge, the worst possible thing we get is a lot of video-easy-install guides for the .NET CMS family.

Jakob Heuser 24 Aug 2006

Jakob, that would be great. I'm not holding my breath.

Okay, I'll make it easier for them: I'll remove the requirement of including installing a database. Just install the product and post an article.

The challenge is still open...

Carl 25 Aug 2006