Carl Camera

Vine Type 1.2

Vine Type 1.2 is now available for download.

This point release features support for the Atom syndication standard in a big way.

Four Atom feeds are available:

  1. All-Articles


  2. All-Comments


  3. Single-Article Comments

    default.aspx?feed=atom10wb&id= n

  4. Section Articles

    default.aspx?feed=atom10&section= sectionname

I had planned on only the first three, but I saw an opportunity to add something a bit special, so I went ahead and added it in.

This way, if you have a section for corporate blog entries and another section for personal blog entries, folks can subscribe to one or the other without being bothered with stuff they don't want to get.

If your section name has a space in it, replace it with an underscore.